Strategic services

You may already have a business plan. You may also have a growth strategy. And you may even have some plans for exporting.  That’s a great start. But at Strathmore, our ethos is that it’s critical at the outset for us to understand your business’ current strategy, its range of products/services and your tactical plans.

Building a realistic strategy for success

Working closely with you, we will take the time to get to know you, your business and your aspirations.

Geared towards helping you develop and deliver a successful, well-structured business, we’ll provide you with all the strategic support and advice required. When you engage with us, our team will spend time with you to develop a Strategic Overview (either a full written document or via a face to face meeting) that maps out your growth journey. This vital stage aims to achieve three key things:

  Understand your current position

  Analyse your competitive environment and global market opportunities

  Develop a clear short, medium and long-term strategy for your business

We then go on to assist you on your journey with regular strategy meetings, whether it be monthly, quarterly or annually to review your achievements against the business’ overall strategy and ensure the two are aligned.

We believe this makes Strathmore unique compared to other accountants as we not only consider your business from a financial perspective but also from a strategic perspective, from the point of view of individuals who have actually been there and built businesses themselves.