Our specialists have breadth and depth when it comes to their experience.

SME Assist
Specialist operational and strategic support for businesses.

Continuity 10
Helping you manage and plan for the unforeseen.

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Risk & Continuity
Implementing protective risk management and continuity planning review.

SME-Assist Consultancy
Dedicated, bespoke consultancy to your organisations needs.

The quality of service and care we receive from the team at Strathmore is second to none. The level of support and professional advice has been outstanding.
John Holmes, Senior Partner, Core Business Solutions

Strathmore provide us with a superb level of service and support. Their in depth knowledge of GP practices is second to none.
Dr Stephen Dean, Partner, Five Oaks Family Practice

We have worked closely with the Strathmore team for many years. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other medical professionals.
Dr Bharat Nanavati, Partner, Ailsa Craig Medical Practice

The technical expertise of Strathmore's staff has been a vital component in the management of our business. With their help we have been able to successfully claim a number of tax reliefs specific to the property sector.
Steve Dobie, Partner, Loxley Estates

The Strathmore team are always on hand to help with any questions or queries we may have. They have a real understanding of the construction industry.
Mark Cooney, Cooney Insulations Ltd

Is it always a pleasure to work with Strathmore. They are a dedicated, committed firm of advisors who strive to ensure their clients develop and maintain a successful business.
David Wingate, Designated Member, WE Solicitors LLP

The quality of service we receive from Strathmore is excellent. The level of support and professional advice has been outstanding. It is a pleasure to work with them.
Jullian Shawcross, Peter Hattersley & Partners Ltd

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Use of Trusts in Inheritance Tax Planning July 2012
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Loans to Employees and Directors May 2014
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Reduce You Company Tax Liability July 2014
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Financial Planning Sep 2014
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Safeguarding Your Estate Oct 2014
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Tax and Your Business Dec 2014
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Choosing a Company Secretary Feb 2015
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Capital Gains Tax Planning Apr 2015
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UK GAAP July 2015
Audits and Annual Accounts August 2015
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Making the Most of Your Savings August 2015
HMRC Investigations September 2015
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Residence and Domicile March 2016
Salary or Dividend March 2016
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Personal Tax Planning April 2016
Succession Planning April 2016
Company Car Scheme May 2016
Estate Planning May 2016
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Auto Enrolment June 2016
Capital Gains Tax Planning June 2016
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Extracting Profits July 2016
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Gifts and Inheritance Tax August 2016
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National Insurance Planning September 2016
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VAT After Brexit October 2016
Inheritance Tax November 2016
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Starting a Business November 2016
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Property Income and Tax December 2016
Self Assessment December 2016
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Defined Contribution Pensions January 2017
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Exporting for Small Businesses February 2017
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R&D Tax Credits February 2017
Year End Tax Guide 2016-17
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Planning Your Retirement July 2017
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Buy to Let Property August 2017
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Managing the Digital Revolution August 2017
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Payroll Issues for Employers September 2017
The Family Home Allowance September 2017
Insider October 2017
Managing Automatic Re-enrolment October 2017
VAT and Three Party Transactions October 2017
Insider November 2017
Measuring Business Performance November 2017
Patent Box November 2017
Giving to Charity January 2018
HMRC Investigations January 2018
Insider January 2018
Year End Tax Guide 2017-18
Devolution of Tax Powers February 2018
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Termination Payments February 2018
Spring Statement March 2018
Cash Basis for Landlords March 2018
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Tax and Employee Benefits March 2018
Clipping the Wings of Phoenix Companies April 2018
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Sole Trader to Limited Company April 2018
Company Cars May 2018
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Personal Tax Planning May 2018
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Travel and Subsistence June 2018
Understanding IR35 June 2018
Furnished Holiday Lets July 2018
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Making Tax Digital July 2018
Capital Gains Tax Planning August 2018
Insider August 2018
The Marriage Allowance August 2018
Capital Allowances for Plant and Machinery September 2018
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Tax on Residential Property September 2018
Extracting Profits from a Business October 2018
Insider October 2018
Using Pension Funds in your Business October 2018
Deregistering for VAT November 2018
Insider November 2018
Starting a Business November 2018
Completing Your Tax Return December 2018
Insider December 2018
Planning Your Estate - Wills December 2018
Insider January 2019
National Insurance Planning January 2019
Outsourcing Payroll January 2019
Changes to Probate February 2019
Insider February 2019
Risks of a Tax Investigation February 2019
Insider March 2019
Preparing businesses for leaving the EU March 2019
The Politics of Tax Breaks March 2019
Insider April 2019
Personal Tax Planning April 2019
Registering for Making Tax Digital for VAT April 2019
Accounting for Charities May 2019
Insider May 2019
Risk Assessment May 2019
Identifying Inefficiencies July 2019
Insider July 2019
Tapered Annual Pension Allowance July 2019
Construction Industry Scheme August 2019
Insider August 2019
Saving For Your Retirement August 2019
Insider September 2019
Quirks and Foibles of VAT September 2019
Residence and Domicile September 2019
Insider October 2019
IR35 in the Private Sector October 2019
Property as an Investment October 2019
Gearing up for Self Assessment December 2019
Insider December 2019
Low Risk Ways to Start a Business December 2019
Different Types of Business Structures January 2020
Insider January 2020
R+D Tax Credits January 2020
Year End Tax Guide 2019-20
Insider February 2020
Providing Company Cars February 2020
Tracing Lost Pension Plans February 2020
Automatic Enrolment March 2020
Cryptocurrencies March 2020
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Coronavirus Support for Businesses April 2020
Insider April 2020
Personal Tax Planning 2020-21 April 2020
Inheritance Tax Planning May 2020
Insider May 2020
Working from home during Covid-19 May 2020
Capital Goods Scheme for VAT June 2020
Insider June 2020
Planning for Redundancies June 2020
HMRC Resumes Investigations July 2020
Insider July 2020
Trusts July 2020
Corporate Tax Planning August 2020
Insider August 2020
Post Covid-19 Support for Businesses August 2020
Get on top of your Tax Return September 2020
How Much is your Business Worth September 2020
Insider September 2020
Finance Cost Relief for Residential Lets October 2020
Insider October 2020
Taxes to Consider When Moving Home October 2020
Business Asset Disposal Relief November 2020
Insider November 2020
To Flip or Not to Flip your Main Residence November 2020
Construction Sector - Reverse Charge VAT January 2021
Insider January 2021
Strategies for Export after Brexit January 2021
Complying with your Tax Obligations February 2021
How to Plan for your Retirement February 2021
Insider February 2021


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